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Ahmedabad: A man who agreed to a rendezvous with a woman he had found on a dating app had his excitement taper off into terror as fake cops stormed the room and tortured him. His ordeal included sustained beatings and the threat of a rape case. Eventually, he gave his tormentors Rs 20 lakh and was let off.
The victim, a 41-year-old forex trader, is a Bopal resident. On September 9, the woman he had befriended on the dating app Tinder invited him to a flat at an isolated location near the Gota Vaishnodevi Temple.
Just as a moment of intimacy appeared to loom between the two, three men burst into the flat with lathis and started beating the Bopal man, the complainant in this case.
One of the men said that the woman was his sister and threatened to file a rape case. He left with the woman, who was referred to as Janvi by the assailants.
According to the complainant, the other two attackers took away his phone and car keys. The two told the complainant that they were policemen from the Gota chowky. They said they will file a rape case unless he paid them Rs 50 lakh.
According to a police source, at that stage another man entered the flat. He was in police uniform and identified himself as sub-inspector Yuvrajsinh. Now it was Yuvrajsinh’s turn to beat the complainant.
Assistant commissioner of police, N Division, Divya Ravia Jadeja said that in the end, a deal of Rs 20 lakh was struck. “The complainant arranged the money with a friend’s help,” ACP Jadeja said. “The goons posing as policemen wanted the money sent through an angadiya firm to a man called Asik Desai.” That name would later serve as a clue for cops.
At 7pm, Yuvrajsinh received a call confirming that Rs 20 lakh had been received. The complainant was allowed to go.
The complainant was so traumatized that he did not move out of his house for several days. Hence his friends visited him on Friday. “When they learnt the facts, they approached the Sola police station on the same day,” Jadeja said. “They discovered there that Anandnagar police had caught a man posing as a cop. The imposter was identified as Samir Charaniya, 35, of Navrangpura.”

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