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This morning, after much speculation, it was announced that the Sex & The City revival that was put on hold after Kim Cattrall’s controversial exit is back on with just three ladies, Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker), Miranda Hobbes (Cynthia Nixon) and Charlotte York (Kristin Davis).

SJP, Davis and Nixon shared the news on Instagram, posting a teaser video that shows footage of New York along with Carrie’s computer screen, on which the phrases “And just like that…” and “The story continues…” are typed out while Carrie’s signature narration is heard.

As keen as I am to see what our fabulous foursome threesome is up to in 2021, the show itself has a whole lot to answer for and the ladies can’t just strap on their designer shoes and waltz back onto our screens without addressing some of the grave errors that were made way back when. No ma’am.

In recent years, TV shows from the past have been put under the microscope to see if they still hold up in the present day, and Sex & The City has not fared well at all. It’s aged horribly. Like a bowl of fruit. Like milk in the sun. Etc. Etc.

So if the series expects to fit into 2021 as comfortably as Carrie fits into that iconic pink tutu, it’s going to have to iron out a bunch of critical fuck ups, including the following…

No. More. Slut-Shaming.

Ya know, for a show with ‘sex’ in the title, the original series was guilty of a whole lot of slut-shaming. I know, I know. The world is filled with assholes who shame other people for having sex, and, considering it’s the theme of the whole show, of course it will be present to an extent. But slut-shaming from your own best mates? Fuck that.

What concerns me about the new series, though, is that the three leads are all married (at least they where when last we met), and the character who has the most casual sex has been written out, so where does all the non-marital sex come in? The show will totally lose its magic without all the spicy hook-ups!

Perhaps one of the ladies will be divorced and we’ll see her returning to the world of dating in the app era. Imagine Carrie Bradshaw on Tinder? We’d love to see it!

Not only ditch biphobia, but make amends to the bi community for *that* episode

Just looking at that screenshot through a 2021 lens makes me want to scream into a pillow. I can’t believe they ever thought this episode was okay.

Long story short: Carrie’s BF comes out as bi and she goes on this gross rant about how she doesn’t know if she can date a bi person and she doesn’t know if bisexuality is real and blah blah shut the fuck up blah.

As I said, the revival needs to not only address this awful sentiment, but also make an apology to the bi community. How? I dunno, maybe Carrie’s dating a bisexual man and she mentions how she no longer has the same garbage views that she once had re: bisexuality.

She says she regrets ever thinking that and that bisexuality absolutely fucking exists and so on and so forth.

Carrie needs to ditch her fear of technology

In the Sex & The City movie (the good one, not that one), Carrie still has her pink flip phone, but it’s been duct-taped to the shithouse. She ultimately launches it into the ocean, then gets a new flip phone.

Apple had already released the iPhone at that point, which you’ll remember ‘cos when she’s frantically asking her friends for a phone to call Big, Samantha hands her an iPhone and she goes, “I don’t know how to work this.”

Now, one can only assume that Carrie is still a dating columnist in the present day and if so, her advice to her readers will surely need to include tips on online dating and social media terms like DMs and Instagram Stories and all that jazz, otherwise her advice will be incredibly outdated and lame.

And most importantly: I can’t fucking wait to see if they give the girls their own Instas. Can you IMAGINE @carriebradshaw? The shoe selfies. The Insta rants. Aidan sliding into her DMs. The moment she finally blocks Big forever. It’s gonna be gold.

And lastly, SATC needs to change its narrative that you need to find a partner to be happy

The biggest message that the show perpetuates is that unless you meet a partner, get married and have babies, you will live a miserable life and die a miserable death.

This has always infuriated me as several generations have grown up consuming this bullshit message and it’s an incredibly dangerous one. Look at Carrie, she was so desperate to stop being single that she married a toxic, abusive man who brought out the absolute worst in her. Is being with a dude who’s willing to leave you at the altar *really* better than being single forever? I think the fuck not.

That’s why I’d like to see Carrie (or perhaps one of the other women) single again and ultimately learning that they’re totally happy being alone and that the idea of happiness only being found through marriage is complete nonsense.


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