#Sex #trafficking – it’s happening where you live


GRAND RAPIDS, Mich (WOOD) – Sex trafficking – it’s something that doesn’t just happen in big cities in different parts of our country or around the world. It’s something that happens right here in West Michigan. Leslie King grew up in Grand Rapids and as a young teenager was forced intro prostitution and remained trapped in sex trafficking for 20 years. The riveting PSA film “Some Angels Fight” delves into the multi-billion dollar industry of human trafficking through King’s story

King has started the first survivor-led recovery program for victims of sex trafficking and sexual explotation called Sacred Beginnings. The City of Grand Rapids is also working to raise awareness about sex trafficking in Grand Rapids.

National Trafficking Hotline
If you or someone you know is a victim of human trafficking, call now
1 (888) 373-7888
233733 (Text “HELP” or “INFO”)
24 hours, 7 days a week

Source: https://www.woodtv.com/eightwest/sex-trafficking-it-s-happening-where-you-live/1298096960