#sextrafficking | Anonymous alleges Trump’s involvement in Epstein child sex scandal and his death, internet says ‘world’s ending’ | #tinder | #pof | #match

Anonymous is back with a bang. The elite group of hackers hacked into the Minneapolis Police Department’s website and revealed some startling information that left everybody shocked. In a video clip, they not only talked about the police brutality but also took the opportunity to expose President Donald Trump’s alleged involvement in the killing of Jeffrey Epstein and how he was allegedly involved in Epstein’s infamous sex trafficking and child rape racket.

Anonymous released a lawsuit document where an anonymous person addressed as John Doe sued Trump and Epstein for sexually assaulting her on numerous occasions when she was just 13. When people saw the court documents with the proceeding recorded against Trump and Epstein, they had some interesting reactions. While most people revealed that they weren’t completely surprised by Trump’s alleged involvement in Epstein’s sex racket, they did wonder how anybody could sympathize with him after knowing that he is a child abuser. Twitter was abuzz with people praising Anonymous for exposing Trump and many expressed their disgust with the current president. A fan wrote, “DONALD TRUMP, THE AMERICAN PRESIDENT IS NOW A CONFIRMED PAEDOPHILE & CHILD RAPIST AND WAS BEHIND THE EPSTEIN KILLING anonymous have been out of hiding for less than 24 hours.” Another fan expressed, “ANONYMOUS EXPOSED DONALD TRUMP FOR KILLING EPSTEIN TO COVER UP THE FACT THAT TRUMP A RAPIST AND CHILD TRAFFICKER… W RECEIPTS TOO THE WORLD IS ENDING.”

“We’ve been stating for years that Trump was heavily involved with Epstein and his child sex trafficking. As other accounts have shown, we’ve had the receipts for a long time. If anyone cares to scroll back in time, look up #OpDeathEaters,” tweeted a fan. Another fan commented, “No one is surprised that trump is a child rapist. His supporters will not care. They are willing to excuse any vile behavior and crimes against humanity in the name of preserving white control and capitalism, even child rape and sex trafficking.” One said, “Also if you still support Trump now, you’re a child rape apologist/piece of s**t.” Another user said,  “To everyone that has defended Donald Trump: you have been supporting a child rapist and molester.  Hope you are proud of yourself,” echoed a fan.

Anonymous also exposed the royal family’s alleged involvement in the untimely death of Princess Diana and the startling news of supermodel Naomi Campbell being allegedly raped by Epstein and Trump when she was 13.

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