#sextrafficking | Central Michigan Life – Human trafficking expert coming to CMU Oct. 8

Jaco Booyens, a filmmaker and speaker, is coming to Central Michigan University to talk about human trafficking on college campuses, including warning signs and what you can do to help.

His speech takes place 7-9 p.m. Tuesday, Oct. 8 in Engineering and Technology Building room 116. 

Booyens is the founder and president of After Eden Pictures, which produced “8 Days,” a film about a 16-year-old who was sold into sex trafficking.

The inspiration behind the movie was Booyens sister, Ilonka Deaton, who was sex-trafficked for five years before she was rescued while the family was living in South Africa.

Now, Booyen travels across the country speaking out about the reality of human trafficking. His message: No one is immune to this; it can happen to anyone.

Cases of human trafficking in Michigan have dramatically increased over the past decade, according to the National Human Trafficking Hotline. 

The event is free and open to the public. Those interested in attending should a reserve seats in advance.

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