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CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF)- The Save the Children organization held a protest to stop human trafficking Saturday.

Over 100 people gathered in Coolidge park to hear testimonies from trafficking victims.

Family members of missing children like Keeslyn Roberts were in attendance.

Save the children is a nationwide organization that has received some backlash.

However, organizers say that they are there for one thing and that is to end sex trafficking.

Tiffany Boyd Oliver, a protest organizer says, “There’s a lot of misinformation that we are a QAnon group and that’s not true. Or, that we are having this huge trump rally which is not true.”

Brooke Honeycutt adds,”We are not here to shine light on either side of the political party. We’re not here to shine light on any sort of secret society whether they exist or not, or any kind of organization, whether it is recognized or not. We’re just hear to shine light on the bottom issue, the root cause is pedophilia, which leads to sex trafficking. If there’s no buyers, there’s no sellers. So, it starts with pedophilia.“

The Chattanooga Save The Children organization plans on hosting a 5K in the future where proceeds will be donated to the GBI and the TBI to help combat trafficking in our area.


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