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CHIPPEWA FALLS, Wis. (WEAU) — On Monday the Altoona School District announced Dr. Heidi Taylor-Eliopolous was chosen among three finalists to serve as the new superintendent starting in July.

Taylor-Eliopolous has been with the Chippewa Falls School District for 13 years, serving 5 of those years as their superintendent.

“It’s a different sort of challenge and I look forward to the opportunity to work with staff students and families,” she says.

Altoona has faced some challenges in the past, most recently with their former superintendent, Dan Peggs, being charged with child sex trafficking charges.

“Everything I’ve heard in talking to folks from Altoona, they’re focused on moving forward for the good of the students, which I agree with 100% and I’m honored to be a part of that,” she says.

Dr. Taylor-Eliopolous says there are no negative reasons for leaving the Chippewa Falls School District.

“I valued my time in Chippewa Falls working with the staff, the students, and the families, we’ve made some great gains that we can feel proud of, so this transition really isn’t about leaving Chippewa Falls, it’s about having an opportunity to go to Altoona.”

She says the Chippewa Falls School District will be left in good hands.

“I feel like I’m leaving Chippewa Falls in a very positive note. I wouldn’t leave them if I didn’t have total confidence that that leadership team was just going to take the ball and run with it, Chippewa’s going to be the best it’s ever been because the leaders are going to make it that way.”

She says while the role is the same, there are new challenges to moving districts.

“The biggest difference for me is it’s in Altoona instead of Chippewa Falls so they have some different priorities set. I’m going to learn about their values, their strategic plan, their goals, their community and the values of their community,” she says.

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