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Serial sex predator Jeffrey Epstein’s onetime cellmate is claiming the fiendish financier killed himself and wasn’t murdered.

Bill Mersey told the New York Post that he was part of a “companion program” for monitoring prisoners who “needed special protection or who might be on suicide watch.”

The 66-year-old Epstein was found dead in his jail cell at the Metropolitan Correctional Centre in Manhattan in August. The coroner ruled it a suicide by hanging but widespread speculation suggests he was murdered because he could name names.

He was awaiting trial on sex-trafficking charges, and Mersey said that weighed heavily on Epstein.

Mersey said he was paid 40 cents an hour to keep an eye on Epstein. He told the Post he was chosen because he was college educated and Jewish.

“Epstein wasn’t depressed nor was he a diva. One-on-one we talked about everything. We hung out. He even asked if I needed money,” Mersey told the tabloid.

“Even about flying a private plane once with Donald Trump to Florida. I was like a kid he went to school with. He didn’t ask dumb questions about my life. And 7?p.m. to 11 I kept him entertained. Normal conversation.”

But there was fear about the prospect of spending the rest of his life in prison.

“He was future oriented. Like, ‘How am I going to survive?’ He did not appear suicidal nor visibly depressed. He’d sit on the toilet sideways to see me. Then, lying on his back, he’d go to sleep,” Mersey said.

“The incongruity was I’d see him drift off saying, ‘Oh, my God, I’m going to be here for the rest of my f***ing life.’ But when the judge denied him bail, he did obsess a little on how to handle prison life. But not my job to stress him.”

Mersey also revealed that Epstein had previously tried to kill himself.

“That then brought him into the Special Housing Unit. It’s for troublesome boys or suicide cases or those afraid of the general population because there were really dysfunctional bad inmates there,” he said, adding it was “the worst run prison ever.”

He added: “So do I believe Jeffrey Epstein committed suicide, my answer is yes.”



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