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Las Vegas is a leading destination for the growing crime of child sex trafficking, and the problem is disproportionately affecting communities of color.

According to the Office of Sex Trafficking Intervention Research at Arizona State University, the majority of sex trafficking cases here are targeted toward females aged 12-19. Of those victims, approximately 76% are girls of color.

The marginalization of particular groups, such as low-income families, fostered youths, single-parent households, abusive households and the homeless, is advantageous to those who traffic. Due to ingrained systemic disparities, youths often have a dire need to feel accepted or adequate, maybe even loved, from an unusual source.

How can we help? The Clark County School District supplies beneficial information needed for at-risk youths. After-school and weekend activities aid and reinforce support, guidance and fulfillment. Programs such as “The Embracing Project” and “Girls on the Run” aim to prevent sex trafficking and address mental health concerns as well as substance abuse treatment.

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