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Jeffrey Epstein ran his sex ring like a perverted pyramid scheme — paying his young victims to bring him new girls to prey on, according to new details from an upcoming documentary.

The convicted pedophile — who killed himself last August — would offer the desperate youngsters cash to bring him an “ever-revolving door of girls,” according to the trailer for Netflix’s “Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich.”

“These girls brought other girls too,” a voiceover says in the trailer for the four-part docu-series, which starts streaming Wednesday.

Haley Robson told the filmmakers that she initially spurned Epstein’s advances — but ended up recruiting girls for him when he offered her $200-a-time, according to The Sun.

Robson estimates in the film that she probably recruited 24 underage girls, mostly friends and classmates, to Epstein’s house, the UK paper says — activity that even brought her to the attention of federal prosecutors.

“It’s a trade. And it goes on and on and on,” she says in the trailer.

Attorney Brad Edwards found the same thing when he tried to create a flow-chart of victims — and realized it could end up being five times as big as the poster board it was on, according to the report.

“It didn’t start from just a random underage girl walking into the house,” Edwards said of the “pyramid of underage girls,” according to The Sun.

Epstein, 66 — who had already done jail time for underage sex — was facing up to 45 years in prison on serious child sex-trafficking charges when he was found dead in his Manhattan lockup last August.

The four-part Netflix documentary, out Wednesday, is based on James Patterson’s 2016 book of the same title.

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