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GHISLAINE Maxwell was “proud” of allegedly luring young girls into the clutches of Jeffrey Epstein, Prince Andrew’s cousin claims.

Victims of the sick millionaire, who was found dead last year in his jail cell, allege Maxwell acted as his “pimp” and even participated in some of the sex abuse – claims the socialite denies.


Maxwell allegedly felt no guilt while procuring girls for Jeffrey Epstein, a former friend has saidCredit: Getty – Contributor

However, Christina Oxenberg, who is the Duke of York’s second cousin, claims her former friend Ghislaine felt no guilt about her alleged role in the sex trafficking network.

Speaking in upcoming documentary ‘Who Killed Jeffrey Epstein?’, Christina says Maxwell explained that she was happy to satisfy Epstein’s lust for underage girls.

She said: “She says ‘he has an incredible sex drive, he has to have three orgasms a day, so I help him out by bringing in the females.’


“She felt no compunction about telling me this, if anything she was proud.”

Following Epstein’s arrest last July and subsequent death, while awaiting trial for child sex trafficking, Maxwell’s whereabouts have been something of a mystery.

After initially being spotted living with Massachusetts, she was last photographed at a fast food restaurant in California.

Ghislaine is believed to have began her relationship with Epstein in New York in the 1990s following the death of her father, disgraced media mogul Robert Maxwell.


Christina, who has written about her experiences with the pedophile in a tell-all memoir, claims the pair were “grifters” who viewed he cousin Prince Andrew as a “hapless sap.”

The writer, the daughter of Princess Elizabeth of Yugoslavia, she claims Epstein and Maxwell viewed her cousin Andrew as “low-hanging fruit.”


Ghislaine Maxwell in 2001 along with Epstein victim Virginia Roberts and Prince AndrewCredit: Rex Features


Christina Oxenberg, left, pictured with Maxwell and Prince Dimitri of Yugoslavia in 2013 in New YorkCredit: Getty – Contributor


Christina Oxenberg claims her cousin Prince Andrew was seen as a ‘hapless sap’ by Jeffrey EpsteinCredit: Rex Features

According to Town and Country, she wrote: “They were grifters and he was low-hanging fruit. He really was a hapless sap.

“But he’s my cousin so I love him, and I understand that being a dummy doesn’t make you a bad guy.”

Prince Andrew has been sacked from royal duties following a car crash BBC Newsnight interview in which he said he did not regret his decade-long friendship with Epstein.

Andrew denies all allegations of sexual misconduct made against him.

Christina, who is related to Andrew through her grandmother who is first cousins with Prince Philip’s mother, claims Maxwell gained “pleasure” through “controlling” people.

The writer said: “If I saw her she would say, ‘You’re my poorest friend.’ And she’d laugh, it gave her pleasure, made her feel in control perhaps.”

Maxwell strongly denies all allegations of sexual misconduct made against her.


Ghislaine has vanished from public view since Epstein’s death last yearCredit: Getty – Contributor


Prince Andrew was snapped strolling through a New York park with paedo Jeffrey Epstein in 2010Credit: Jae Donnelly


Andrew and Maxwell enjoying a day at the races in the 1990sCredit: Rex Features

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