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Hilary Duff was allegedly accused of child sex and trafficking recently on social media. She defended herself by taking twitter yesterday(23rd March)

She was blamed for posting her son’s nude photo on Instagram. Some people took that as child sex trafficking and accused her. Her name was trending on social media when she checked and she was in shock. How could someone think like that of a mother?

Hilary Was Falsely Accused and the Truth Is:

She does post pics on Instagram, it was true. On account of Mother’s day, she posted a video that has pictures of her children and the pic which was trended on social media as child sex trafficking is one of them.
But the actual truth Is, that was her son’s Lucas pic who is 8 years old and it was nude but she covered it with stickers and it’s not at all a problem. A kinda family video was converted to a bloody trafficking trend by some people who are mad.

Honestly, after knowing this news many people were shocked. What made that person to do like that? The video was removed from Instagram, yet that person managed to post it again and accused her.

Hilary explained it on Twitter:

She was totally disappointed with that thing some stupid did to her. She said it was disgusting and warned the one behind it. Many fans supported her tweeting and retweeting positivity.
Also, I requested twitter to look after such e-crimes which are completely unhealthy for society.

A mother of two children accused of child sex and trafficking, though she did nothing than loving her children. What is happening in social media? How far it will go? Officials should take action against such stupid and foolish people who are spreading such type of false accusations and negativity over social media.

Thankfully Hilary Duff was out of that shit with all the support from her loved ones and her fans.

We hope these type of accusations and negativity to completely go away from our lives. Pray for good.

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