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“News that 26 US Navy ships and 3,500 soldiers have
confirmed Covid-19 cases is an urgent and compelling reason
for the New Zealand government to withdraw from
participation in this year’s RIMPAC military exercise due
to begin in June,” said Valerie Morse, member of Peace
Action Wellington.

“RIMPAC is the
world’s largest navy war preparation exercise. It happens
in Hawai’i and includes militaries from two dozen
countries. This is a toxic mix that will descend upon the
people in Hawai’i spreading more disease, and
exponentially expanding infections across the

“War and preparations for war are not an
essential service. Rather they are a threat to human life
and ecological health. Peace Action Wellington has joined
dozens of academics and human rights organisations calling
on the government to cancel New Zealand’s participation in
RIMPAC in a letter to the Prime

One of the signatories of
the New Zealand letter is Hawai’i State Senator Amy
Perruso who said:

“COVID-19 is demonstrating that the
safety of our society depends not on military might, but
mutual aid. Gathering more than 25,000 international
military personnel together to practice waging war will
worsen the global spread of the coronavirus and put
Hawai’i’s people at risk. This pandemic cannot be defeated
by guns and warships. It requires that we stop funding
imperialism and, instead, invest in public health and
common good.”

“Hawaiians have long called for
an end to the bi-annual RIMPAC exercises because of the
devastating social and ecological effects of these military
exercises including increased child sex trafficking and
severe degradation of vulnerable marine ecosystems. With
Covid-19, the risk has dramatically

“These RIMPAC war exercises are a
horrific replaying of imperial invasions of indigenous
communities complete with deadly viral infections that
happened throughout the Pacific in the 18th and 19th

“The New Zealand government wisely acted
early to ensure that Covid-19 was not spread to our Pacific
neighbours. It is imperative that New Zealand continues to
act responsibly in limiting the spread of the virus to
vulnerable communities.”

26 US Navy ships
have COVID-19 cases. Read

trafficking of children resulting from RIMPAC. Read

Letter to Jacinda Arden to Cancel RIMPAC 2020. Read

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