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Topline: Fresh details of Prince Andrew’s 12-year friendship with deceased sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, even after the financier was convicted, were revealed in a documentary titled The Prince and the Paedophile, which aired in the U.K. on Monday.

  • The Channel 4 program, billed as the “most complete picture yet” of the relationship between the senior royal and Epstein, reveal information gathered from Epstein’s documents, including his flight logs and address book, viewed against Andrew’s schedule. Andrew and Epstein met at least ten times between 1998 and 2010, with Andrew usually staying with Epstein for days at a time.
  • A detailed address book obtained by private investigators searching Epstein’s home shows that Epstein had 13 different numbers for Andrew, covering several different ways to reach him.
  • The documentary also details how alleged Epstein victim Virginia Roberts, now Giuffre, met the royal after being recruited by Epstein from Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort where she worked as a locker room attendant. Roberts, who alleges she was trafficked to the prince, said in a legal declaration that she was paid $15,000 for her work with Andrew as well as to keep quiet after, she claims, they had sex soon after a picture of the two was taken.
  • Hospital records obtained by the program confirm Roberts suffered vaginal bleeding for weeks following encounters with Epstein abusers. There is no suggestion that this was linked to any alleged encounter with Andrew.
  • A Palm Beach private investigator interviewed for the documentary revealed that Epstein’s Palm Beach home, located among a row of exclusive mansions, was obscured by solid gates, while the homes of his neighbours were more visible. “That’s because, we believe, he didn’t want all the neighbors to see the comings and goings of these underage girls,” he said.
  • An anonymous friend interviewed in the documentary who said he stayed with Epstein “a number of times,” saw “generally young girls in the entourage,” adding that they were between 16 and 20, and “a lot of them were foreign.” Annette Witheridge, a journalist who staked out Epstein’s Manhattan home when Andrew visited him post-prison in 2009, said there were “girls, girls, girls” leaving and entering the building.
  • The friend claimed that while he visited Epstein in prison he received a call from senior U.K. politician Peter Mandelson, asking him to connect him with the CEO of JP Morgan, Jamie Dimon. Mandelson denies the call took place. But even the accusation points to the span of Epstein’s influential connections that included the likes of Donald Trump and former president Bill Clinton.

Additional, previously reported facts covered in the documentary include:

  • Roberts alleges she had sex with Andrew three times, including during an orgy on Epstein’s private island in the U.S. Virgin Islands when she was 18.
  • Epstein and associate Ghislaine Maxwell, described in the documentary as his “pimp,” gained privileged access to the royal Sandringham residence in Norfolk, England, as well as an invite to Queen Elizabeth II’s lavish “Dance of the Decades” party in 2000. While Maxwell was known as a socialite and as the daughter of press baron Robert Maxwell, Epstein was relatively unknown to the British press at the time.

Key background: Andrew, along with Buckingham Palace, has denied any wrongdoing and previously said he was “appalled” by Epstein’s crimes. “It is emphatically denied that the Duke of York had any form of sexual contact with Virginia Roberts. Any claim to the contrary is false and without foundation,” the palace has previously said. Queen Elizabeth II’s son has faced growing scrutiny over his friendship with Epstein after the financier killed himself in prison in August as he awaited trial on sex-trafficking charges. While a federal judge dropped the case against Epstein at the end of August, prosecutors vowed to switch focus to alleged coconspirators.

Tangent: Epstein’s 13-month jail sentence in 2008, after being convicted of soliciting prostitution from a minor, was far removed from punishment ordinarily meted out to sex offenders. He was allowed to conduct business as usual from his high rise office in Palm Beach and returned to a private wing in the local police station to sleep. 

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