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FORMER Vanity Fair editor Graydon Carter found a cat’s decapitated head and a bullet on his property while a reporter investigated Jeffrey Epstein, it’s claimed.

The chilling intimidation tactics against the magazine is said to have come as it was preparing a 2007 story on the disgraced financier.

Former Vanity Fair editor Graydon Carter was allegedly the victim of Epstein’s intimidation tacticsCredit: 2017 Patrick McMullan
A former Vanity Fair journalist said ‘Epstein knew no bounds’Credit: Handout – Getty

According to John Connolly, a former Vanity Fair journalist, Carter’s family came home to their country home in Connecticut and encountered a gnarly surprise.

He told the New York Post: “There was the head of a cat on their porch.

“No question, it was left by Epstein or by somebody on his behalf.”

The following Monday Connolly came to the office and found his editor Graydon was upset.

He recalled: “Epstein surrounded himself with people who can be scary if you’re not a tough guy.

“There was no investigation and I have no idea who was responsible, but my wife and I remember attributing [it] to the work of aggrieved George W. Bush supporters.”

But Carter himself said it was wrong to say the gruesome act of intimidation affected his editorial judgment.

Epstein surrounded himself with people who can be scary if you’re not a tough guy

John Connolly, a former Vanity Fair journalist

Connolly also claims Epstein once went so far as to hire Russian private investigators to look into the background of Palm Beach police chief Michael Ryder, who was mounting an investigation into federal sex trafficking by Epstein.

Connolly, himself a former NYPD detective, said: “Epstein knew no bounds.”

He features in the documentary “Who Killed Jeffrey Epstein?” where the chilling intimidation tactics are examined. 

The Netflix series, which started on Wednesday, features the testimonies of multiple survivors who say they were abused by the disgraced financier.

Its first episode focuses in part on an investigation conducted in 2011 by journalist Vicky Ward for Vanity Fair.

Ward also recalls a conversation with her then-editor Graydon Carter, about the severed cat’s head in his garden and a bullet on his doorstep.

She also claims Epstein told her he would curse her unborn children and knew every doctor in New York after she pushed to print an article on the sexual abuse he carried out.

She had been one of the first to speak with two of Epstein’s victims in 2003 and recalls a phone conversation with Epstein after approaching him for a right to reply to the allegations made in the article, written for the magazine.

She told documentary makers: “He said, ‘Well Vicky if I don’t like this piece, it’s going to be bad for you and your family.

“And I was newly pregnant with twins, he said ‘where are you going to give birth?’

“He followed that up with, ‘well I know all the doctors, in all the hospitals so it doesn’t matter. If you don’t tell me, I’ll find out. If I don’t like this piece, I’m going to have a witch doctor place a curse on your unborn children’.

“He was beginning to spook me out, and these were just conversations.

“So I could only imagine how the women must have felt.”

She also claims that the former Vanity Editor told her that he believed Jeffrey Epstein’s account of the story before the girls’ claims were pulled from the story.

However, Grayson said in a statement released by Netflix that the story ‘simply did not met our legal threshold’ and that Vicky Ward’s account of the story was inaccurate.


Journalist Vicky Ward says Epstein threatened to curse her unborn children after she persued an article in his abuse


Epstein used his power and money to exploit young girls so they would keep quiet about the abuse they sufferedCredit: NETFLIX / YOUTUBE


The new Netflix documentary has revealed the horrors victims faced at the hands of the tycoon, helped by his network of enablers, one of those thought to be Ghislaine Maxwell (pictured)Credit: Getty Images – Getty


The four-part series aired today from the online streaming serviceCredit: Netflix

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