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On separate occasions, Sigley and Weitenberg both questioned the young girl’s age, either in person or through text messages. Despite the man not responding to those requests with a clear answer, the men still engaged in sexual acts with the girl. 

Weitenberg said he asked for identification but the request was ignored. Despite this, he then traveled to Paihia where he engaged in oral and manual stimulation with the girl.

In Sigley’s case, he questioned the girl’s age and was told she was 16. He questioned the legality of engaging in sexual acts with the girl but was not given a straight answer. He then had sex with the girl at his home address.

Judge Brandt Shortland acknowledged the harm both men had caused the victim and their own families. 

Weitenberg told the defendant he was aware this was likely to be the “most embarrassing day of his life” and was aware of the efforts he had made to get his life back on track, which included installing software on his computer to help himself not look at pornography. He also sold a number of family assets to pay the victim reparations. 

Judge Shortland told Sigley he was aware of the damage this had caused to his family. Sigley had received threats and been forced to move from his home in Kawakawa.

The Judge then noted this was likely a one-off crime and suggested that “this is a situation as a male where you needed to satisfy your needs, and acted on that”, but did not excuse the crime. He told Sigley he believed it was unlikely he would be in court again.

Outside court, advocacy group Stop Demand told Newshub sentences of home detention for the pair were disappointing, and the pair’s sentencing seemed as if the defendants were the victims.

Spokesperson Mike Shaw said the sentence was no deterrent against child sex offending.

Another man involved in this case will appear in the High Court in Whangarei next year.

Where to find help and support: 

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