#sextrafficking | ‘LHHATL’: Alexis Skyy says she was a sex trafficking victim and was raped at gunpoint, fans laud her bravery | #tinder | #pof | #match

We are so used to seeing ‘Love & Hip Hop’ star Alexis Skyy neck-deep in drama on the show and twerking on her Instagram page that it is hard to imagine that this bubbly and fun reality star has survived such a dark past.
On the latest episode of ‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’, Alexis recounts the harrowing experience she had as a victim of human trafficking. Yung Joc approached Alexis to request her to be a part of a discussion panel he was organizing with his fiancé Kendra to create awareness about human trafficking. He explains to Alexis how as a father of five daughters he is always concerned for their safety and well being and wants to spread awareness about how prevalent human trafficking is in Atlanta.
Alexis agrees to Joc’s request after some deliberation. On the day of the panel discussion, there were two other survivors of trafficking and a former trafficker in the panel. They all share their disturbing stories. Alexis too joins in and recounts how she ran away from home when she was 16 and got dragged into the trafficking world. She gets emotional while sharing how she was sold to the “highest bidder like she was a pawn” and was raped at gunpoint. She then shares how she managed to escape from it all due to a kind gesture from a total stranger, who saw her in tears and immediately picked her up and dropped her off at a bus station. 
At the end of it, Alexis expresses that if her experience helps at least one girl stay safe, then she would consider her mission accomplished. When fans heard Alexis share such a gut-wrenching and painful story from her past, they had nothing but respect and admiration for her.

A fan tweeted, “@alexisskyyyyyy your story was real touching know that your daughter will always respect you when she looks back on this. Don’t ever be ashamed of what happened to you. It only makes you a stronger woman #LHHATL.” Another fan shared, “This definitely makes you look at Alexis different, hope she gets some help cause she’s fighting a battle with this & social media doesn’t help a lot of times #LHHATL.”
“Feel bad that any girl has dealt with sex trafficking. I’m lowkey glad that she’s open to talk about her past to everyone & I salute her for telling everyone out loud that this needs to stop. #lhhatl #LHHATL #lovehiphop #lovehiphopatl,” expressed a fan.

Another fan expressed her appreciation of the show for bringing such sensitive topics to light. The fan wrote, “I appreciate Love and Hip Hop Atlanta bringing awareness to human and sex trafficking. This is a topic that desperately needs to be talked about more, especially in the black community. We gotta protect our Black Queens. #LHHATL.”
You can catch all new episodes of ‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’ Season 9 every Monday at 8/7c only on VH1.

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