#sextrafficking | Michigan man accused of branding prostitutes, including sex trafficked minor

DETROIT — A Michigan man currently on parole for an armed robbery conviction was charged with sex trafficking of a minor, and possession and receipt of child pornography in U.S. District Court Monday, according to the Detroit News.

Tory Michael Anderson, 32, is accused of allegedly branding three women who were working as prostitutes for him, including one girl who is a minor. An affidavit filed in court said all three of the women had the name “Tory” tattooed on either their face or neck as a way to brand them as his “girls” according to an FBI Agent who assisted with the case.

Agents set up an operation to bust the prostitution ring in July when they arranged meetings with the two older prostitutes at motels in Redford. Members of the Southeast Michigan Trafficking and Exploitation Crimes Task Force then learned about the minor in the case and a “date” was arranged with the minor last month.

During that meeting in a Roseville motel, surveillance was set up on the room and a team moved on the room after the minor arrived. While that was happening, a man was seen trying to flee the scene, but he backed into a parked government vehicle.

That man identified himself as Anderson to officers on scene. After searching the minor’s phone — with her permission — more than 7,000 texts between her and Anderson were discovered, most of which involved prostitution. Nude photos of the girl were also allegedly sent to Anderson from the phone.

Anderson was convicted in 2014 on an armed robbery charge after he pleaded no contest to the charge. He was paroled in 2017. It is unclear if he is in custody in relation to the latest charges.

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