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June 11

5900 block 232nd Street Southwest: A man said his unlocked vehicle was prowled overnight and a backpack containing a work laptop and cell phone were stolen.

June 12

5900 block 232nd Street Southwest: A woman reported that her vehicle was prowled overnight and an Edmonds School District Chromebook was stolen. No damage to the vehicle was reported.

5900 block 232nd Street Southwest: A man said his unlocked vehicle was prowled overnight. He reported 25 blank checks and an MP3 player were stolen.

June 13

21200 block 58th Avenue West: A woman reported her vehicle was prowled the day before after she left it unlocked overnight. She told police that her vehicle registration, prescription glasses and a ear ring were stolen. No damage to the vehicle occurred.

June 14

23800 block 56th Avenue West: Police responded to a verbal domestic disturbance after a woman said that her boyfriend was on his way to her apartment and she was worried for her safety. When police arrived, the woman’s boyfriend and another man were pounding on her front door. After seeing the officer, the two men reportedly ran away and were not located. According to the woman, the argument started after the man accused her of trying to take away their shared child. No threats were made and no physical assault was reported.

June 15

4300 block 212th Street Southwest: A man was arrested for multiple charges at Safeway after he was reported to have been aggressive, threatened a store employee and broke merchandise. According to the store employee, the man became upset when the employee refused to sell him alcohol. The employee said the man appeared to already be intoxicated and was belligerent. Before police arrived, the suspect reportedly stopped another man who had a concealed carry permit and a Smith and Wesson M&P Shield. No shots were fired, but the man with the weapon said he felt threatened after the suspect approached him. The man was booked into Snohomish County Jail for harassment, third-degree malicious mischief and fourth-degree attempted assault.

54th Avenue West/240th Street Southwest: A man was cited during a traffic stop for driving with a suspended license.

4400 block 212th Street Southwest: A vehicle was reportedly prowled and $2 in loose change was stolen. No damage to the vehicle occurred.

228 block Lakeview Drive: A woman said she was the victim of fraud after her debit card was used to make unauthorized charges totaling more than $100. According to the woman, her debit card was used in Seattle, Lynnwood and Edmonds at Costco, an ARCO gas station and a Union Pacific/76 gas station. The suspect(s) also withdrew money from an ATM. She said she suspected her ex-boyfriend of breaking into her house and stealing the card.

June 16

23000 block Lakeview Drive: A woman reported two bicycles were stolen from her garage at Ballinger Park Condos.

23500 block 48th Avenue West: A records check on a vehicle parked at a residence that police said was vacant led to the arrest of a felony drug warrant subject. According to police, the man was reported to have 32.8 grams of pills portioned into five bags. When the officer asked if the pills contained fentanyl, the suspect reportedly told him to be careful with them. Police identified some of the pills to be manufactured oxycodone and the rest were home pressed. The man was booked into Snohomish County Jail.

23300 block Lakeview Drive: A man said that his vehicle was stolen while it was parked at his residence.

24100 block 54th Avenue West: A woman was arrested for a warrant out of Bothell after police reported investigating a suspiciously-parked vehicle. Also in the vehicle was a man with a non-extraditable warrant who was released from the scene. The woman was transferred into Bothell Police Department custody for her warrant.

June 17

4700 block 227th Street Southwest: A man was arrested for fourth-degree assault after he reportedly pushed his wife into a kitchen cabinet during an argument. In addition to the bruise on her forehead from the cabinet, the woman also had multiple bruises on her right arm that she said came from her husband a couple weeks prior. She said the two had recently started drinking alcohol again, which contributed to their fights. Police transported the man to Snohomish County Jail.

17100 block Bothell Way Northeast: Mountlake Terrace police K9 responded to Lake Forest Park Town Center to assist with a drug-related investigation. During the investigation, the K9 unit reportedly detected the presence of a controlled substance in two vehicles and a backpack.

24200 block 54th Avenue West: Mountlake Terrace police assisted the Snohomish County Marshal apprehend a man after he reportedly threatened to bomb the Snohomish County Courthouse. The man was taken into custody at his residence in Young’s Mobile Home Park. The man said he did not intend to threaten the courthouse.

4200 block 236th Street Southwest: Police responded to a reported verbal domestic disturbance at Taluswood Apartments between a man and woman arguing in the parking lot. The man said he would be leaving the apartment to give the woman space.

5800 block 218th Street Southwest: A woman reported her boyfriend took her vehicle without her permission. She said she did not want to press charges but was concerned about his mental health because he was upset about a child custody agreement with his ex-girlfriend. The man reportedly had a suspended license and was worried that police would take him to jail for driving; however, no charges were reported.

June 18

5900 block 232nd Street Southwest: A woman reported her mail was stolen after she received a call from a Walgreens employee who said that they located two pieces of her mail in the parking lot.

5700 block 230th Street Southwest: A man said his ex-girlfriend hit him with a baseball bat during an argument. The man said he went to his ex’s house to get some of his belongs and an argument broke out over alleged missing items. According to the woman, she hit the man with the bat during a physical struggle over a car jack that the man took from her porch. During the altercation, she said she hit him in the leg with the bat.

23500 block 47th Place West: Mountlake Terrace police investigated a possible sex trafficking case involving a 14-year-old girl. Police responded to Seattle Children’s Hospital after the girl reportedly told a hospital social worker she was taken to a hotel near Seattle-Tacoma International Airport by a man and had no memory of the evening. She told police that she had been dropped off at Candy Cane Park by an adult male in his 20s she met via social media when another man she did not know approached her in a vehicle, said he knew her male friend and offered to give her a ride to his hotel near the airport. Before reaching the hotel, she said the man ordered a drink from McDonalds and the next thing she remembered was waking up in the hotel room the next day to the sound of the front desk calling the room. While at the hospital, the girl received a full medical examination, toxicology screening and a sexual assault exam. Police had no results at the time the police report was filed. The girl’s mother said she was concerned about her daughter’s safety and she might move her to her father’s residence in another state.

5900 block 232nd Street Southwest: A man reported his vehicle was prowled overnight and his Adderall prescription was stolen. He told police the bottle was half full and located in his center console at the time of the theft.

22300 block 64th Avenue West: A woman said her vehicle was prowled overnight and a red cowboy hat was stolen. She told police she might have left her doors unlocked and there were no signs of forced entry.

6200 block 224th Street Southwest: A married couple reported two of their vehicles were stolen. One vehicle was reportedly identified by the responding officer a couple blocks from the couple’s residence and recovered. After an area check yielded no results, the second vehicle was entered as stolen. However, it was later reported to have been recovered.

–Compiled by Cody Sexton

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