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“I dedicate my life to this work why? Because I am a survivor of the commercial sex industry.”    

The Rockford community works to stop the increase of sex-trafficking in the city. 

“You either pay now or you pay later. We want to pay now and bring prevention into our schools and community groups… Anything for at-risk females 11-18 years old.”

Social workers community leaders and the concerned women of Rockford met to discuss My Life My Choice. A program that helps stop and prevent sex trafficking.

Audrey Morrissey leads My Life My Choice and dedicates her life to spread the word of hope and survival around the country. Morrissey is also a survivor.

The goal of multiple city organizations is to reach out to children before abusers. The program is already used in 33 states.

“Traffickers job is to a young person down mentally, it’s the most powerful way to lock someone down verse chains. If you told me 26 and a half years ago that I would even be allowed in a group to run a group with young people, I would have laughed at you.”

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