#sextrafficking | Natalie Talks Live With Sex Traffick Survivor Jennelle Gordon 03/25 by Starz Psychics Network | #tinder | #pof | #match

Jannelle Gordon, an educator and speaker, who touches on turning past traumas into triumphs, detailing her life today after enduring a decade of human sex trafficking. Exploited by predators in her early adult life at just 19, Jennelle was trapped in a system with no end in sight. Upon facing certain death, she faked her own death to finally escape her traffickers.

Jennelle had a choice: fall to victimhood and not live a full life due to lack of education and a degree, or bring a positive message to women everywhere as well as help those who have also escaped human sex trafficking. Fortunately, she chose the latter.

In 2013 Jennelle landed at Agama Yoga, a traditional Tantric hatha yoga school, on an island in Thailand. After struggling to fully attain liberation from her sex traffickers and the exotic dance industry of which she was held captive to for over ten years, this was the most effective healing remedy. It also became a safe haven as she feared one of her traffickers who was pursuing her and this healing journey experience, allowed her to begin to integrate back into herself as well as into her physical body. After which she began teaching Tantra on the island and around Southeast Asia.

In 2017 Jennelle made history by founding the first ever sex trafficking awareness club at Orange Coast College, called Beyond Freedom, which has gown into a non profit geared toward education, empowering and enlightening her campus, community and finally funding survivors of sex trafficking holistic healing, education and business mentoring expenses.

Today, at 37, Jennelle also teaches tantra & yoga after her extensive training in Thailand, and launched The “O” Factors, holistic system of spiritual & sensual empowerment whereby she merges all her passions + teachings into 1 powerful modality, which was motivated in part by her mentor, Tony Robbins & graduated W/ many honors. beyondfreedominternational.org

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