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CANADIAN fashion mogul Peter Nygard faces astonishing new allegations – that he sex trafficked two of his closest relatives and had them subjected to sexual assault.

In court papers just filed against Nygard in a New York court the relatives – who cannot be identified – claim they were separately flown to Nygard’s homes – one to Canada and the other to Nygard Cay in The Bahamas – where they were “raped” by Nygard’s girlfriend in order “to make a man of them”.

The lawsuit is the latest legal filing against the runaway billionaire who has been hit by dozens of accusations from women from here in The Bahamas, the United States and Canada who all allege he subjected them to appalling sex assaults – many when they were very young girls.

The beginning of the new case for the the two relatives – known as John Doe 1 and John Doe 2 reads: “John Doe No. 1 and John Doe No. 2… bring this action to shine the light of truth on their (relative’s) sexual abuse. Each of the(m) has experienced, first-hand, the destruction caused by Peter Nygard’s sex trafficking venture and, through their truth, stand for accountability and justice.

“In addition to sex trafficking his own (relatives), Peter Nygard lied about the sexual abuse and attempted to intimidate his (relatives) into remaining quiet. But plaintiffs in this case refuse to be silenced and, following investigation in the last several months, Nygard’s (relatives) have come to realize the lies and corruption of Peter Nygard, including sex trafficking, intimidation, and destruction of countless innocent victims.

“Nygard’s (relatives) bring this case to shed the light of truth for their own justice and to help provide a voice for other innocent victims of violence and sexual abuse by (Nygard). They stand now for their own truth and justice, guided by the ethos that silence cannot be countenanced; silence is complicity; now is the time to speak – to speak the truth for all victims.

“This case and… the other cases brought against Peter Nygard are not some grand conspiracy orchestrated by a hedge fund rival, but rather, these cases speak the truth about Peter Nygard’s sex trafficking that has devastated so many lives, that has ripped away dignity and instilled shame. Bringing forth this truth is the path to justice, accountability, and healing. That is the reason for bringing this case.”

Since the allegations first emerged against Nygard his lawyers have consistently denied any wrongdoing on his part insisting he is the victim of an international conspiracy orchestrated by his neighbour at Lyford Cay, billionaire businessman Louis Bacon. A number of Bahamian women have made formal allegations of rape with the police here in The Bahamas more than a year ago but there is no evidence of any progress in the Royal Bahamas Police Investigation.

The circumstances involving the assaults on his two relatives, according to the new court documents, are:

“… While in Canada, John Doe No. 1 stayed at Nygard’s residence with Nygard and Jane Roe, who is a known sex worker and paid by the Nygard Companies for her services. Nygard instructed Jane Roe to “make a man” out of his (relative).

“John Doe No. 1 was a virgin, thus making the instructions to Jane Roe quite clear – she was being ordered to rape John Doe No. 1.

“Jane Roe first took a shower so that John Doe No. 1 could see her naked. Jane Roe performed oral sex on John Doe No. 1. Jane Roe then engaged in sexual intercourse with John Doe No. 1, knowing he was only 14 years old.

“After having sexual intercourse with John Doe No. 1, Jane Roe told John Doe No. 1 that he ‘wasn’t bad’ for a ‘baby.’ The next morning, Jane Roe brought John Doe No. 1 breakfast and kissed him on the lips, saying ‘mommy’s got you.’

“Jane Roe reported back to Nygard that she had done as instructed – she had ‘made a man’ of John Doe No. 1; she had statutorily raped Nygard’s 14-year-old son.

“… In 2004, when John Doe No. 2 was 15-years-old, Defendants lured, enticed, and transported John Doe No. 2 from California to Nygard’s residence in The Bahamas. John Doe No. 2’s travel arrangements were arranged through the Nygard Companies’ corporate travel department and paid for with money from the Nygard Companies.

“Defendants knew that John Doe No. 2 was just 15-years-old because his personal information was provided to them as part of his travel arrangements.

“While in The Bahamas, John Doe No. 2 stayed at Nygard’s residence with Nygard and Jane Roe, who is a known sex worker and paid by the Nygard Companies for her services. Nygard instructed Jane Roe to have sex with his (relative), John Doe No. 2, a minor.

“Jane Roe engaged in sexual intercourse with John Doe No. 2, knowing he was only 15-years-old.”

As part of the case made against Nygard there have been numerous claims that a wide number of politicians and senior police officers in The Bahamas were complicit in Nygard’s alleged activities at his Lyford Cay home.

  • The Tribune has changed the actual status of the complainants as they appear in the court documents to protect their identity.

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