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Authorities have captured a pair of undocumented Polish immigrants who are charged with running a prostitution ring of what was known as the “Norridge Girls” prostitution operation.

It involved the arrival and rotation of many sex workers from countries like Poland, Russia, the Czech Republic, and Ukraine. 

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Marcin Ciborowski who is also known as Rafal Golaszewski had been arrested at the O’Hare international airport on the 14th of February.

A pair of women were turned back on the same day by the immigration officials who they believed worked for the prostitution ring. 

Ciborowski has got himself arrested for 5 times and his last recent was a 2016 DUI charge in Illinois. According to authorities, his removal of Poland has been pending due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Polish immigrants operated sex trafficking operations busted.

Although he had been earlier deported, he again illegally re-entered the country.

He said that a polish smuggling group got him at the US Mexico border for $7,000 and he obtained a real id card for $2,000 through which he was operating in the USA. 

Authorities got several of the women to agree to be working for him. He made false promises if travel, gentleman, hotels, and what not but what they got in return was 12 hours of work a day with up to 10 clients.

Some clients would even physically abuse them if the girls insisted on the use of a condom. And Ciborowski used to do nothing about it. 

By tracing the calls made by him in the prison, officers have arrested his peers who were working with them.

By call tracing, they also come to know that the ring used to earn almost $40,000 a month before the pandemic happened. But the coronavirus has cut it all short to zero. 

Authorities are expected to make further investigation in the case, and till then, stay tuned with us for more such latest updates. 

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