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The Pottsville Police have commented on a social media post that has been spreading across Facebook the past few days.

According to the post that was shared hundreds of times on Facebook, it stated that “multiple cars were marked by sex traffickers” in the CVS parking lot in Pottsville.

The post also stated that Police were looking at the cars stating they were “marked”.  

Numerous people sent Skook News this post asking us to check into and validate the post.

On Thursday, we shared this post with the Pottsville Bureau of Police.

According Chief Richard Wojciechowsky, “We have nothing on any incident related to this topic”.

The Department also issued a statement via Facebook stating “There was NOT a Pottsville Police incident in the city involving sex trafficking as has been incorrectly spread on this social media format.”

From Skook News, we thank those who shared the post with us before sharing and we thank the Pottsville Police clearing up any rumors.

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