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An Oxford man’s Sex Trafficking of a Minor case was bound over to Furnas County District Court Monday afternoon following a preliminary hearing in Holdrege. Fifty-five-year-old William “Billy” Quinn faces three other felony charges. Anna Brewer, an investigator with the Nebraska Attorney General’s Office,testified that Quinn began communicating with a girl through Facebook while she lived out of state. The 15-year-old girl moved to Furnas County, Nebraska in June 2019. The first alleged sexual assault of the girl by Quinn occurred shortly after the move.

During a forensic interview, Brewer said the girl told of meeting Quinn in downtown Beaver City. Quinn went to purchase alcohol. Brewer continued that “after he purchased the Jim Beam, he came back and picked her up. They jumped in the car They drove out to some cornfields outside of town and in the cornfield, in the vehicle, Mr, Quinn held a knife to her throat.” Quinn made threats against the girl and then raped her according to Brewer.

At some point Quinn and the girl came to an agreement to “sell sex” according to Brewer. That led to paid and non-paid sexual encounters with multiple men with the money going to Quinn.
Brewer recounted how the arrangements were to occur…”it was at Billy’s request and at Billy’s direction. He would set up the dates, he would tell the potential sex buyer what to expect and he would tell her what to do!”

Brewer further testified the names of multiple men the victim recalled having sex with in both paid and non-paid encounters. There was another arrangement made with a group of men that the victim did not know their names. Nebraska State Patrol Investigator Mike Dowling also testified at the hearing for the State.

At the end of the hearing, County Judge Timothy Hoeft found enough evidence to bind Quinn’s case over to Furnas County District Court for trial on felony charges of Human Trafficking of a Minor, First Degree Sexual Assault of a Child, First Degree Sexual Assault and Child Abuse. A misdemeanor charge of Debauching a Minor was dismissed but, could re-filed.

No date for arraignment in Furnas County District Court was set. Quinn continues to be held in jail with no bond set.


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