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Life in prison won’t be easy for a pair of convicted child predators.
Donnell “Tank” Salethian Woodard, 33, was sentenced to 25 years in prison after pleading guilty to sex trafficking children for almost 4 years in the Lexington area.
His co-conspirator India “Lady Tank” Tykeyah-Najee Cuyler, 26, faces a sentence of 10 years to life..
The couple will be among the most reviled people in prison.
Convicts who committed crimes against children are hated, harassed and abused. 
Many inmates call child predators “dirty” and insist that assaulting or killing them is a service to society. 
They were nabbed due to quick work by Lexington police officers.
Federal prosecutor Stacey Haynes said their 2 victims were girls under age 18 and 1 was a runaway.
US Judge Michelle Childs ordered Woodard to register as a sex offender and 15 more years of supervision.
US Attorney Peter McCoy Jr. said Lexington police officers found a minor advertising sex on a website. 
An undercover officer set up a meeting at a motel. 
Authorities said the minor was dropped off by Woodard and Cuyler.
After police took both into custody officers went to a nearby motel where they found another minor. 
West Columbia police also worked with the investigators, McCoy said.
Woodard and Cuyler used cell phones to post advertisements for sex with minors on websites.
Authorities say “Lady Tank” Cuyler plead guilty to using a cell phone to entice a minor under age 18 to engage in sex.
Her sentencing is scheduled March 17.
She faces a mandatory 10 years to life but that will be determined based on federal sentencing guidelines.
Although there is no parole in federal prisons, both can earn a maximum 54 days a year of “good time credit” but can lose it if they have disciplinary violations.

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