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SPRINGFIELD, Mo.– “These girls are no different than you or me or anyone else they are girls they love to feel beautiful, but that opportunity has not always been there for them because of circumstances,” said Christa Stephens.

Christa Stephens was one of the volunteer cosmetologists today, she’s owned her own salon here in the Ozarks for the past 10 years.

“We are excited to be here and are getting the opportunity to do hair, makeup, and there is someone doing nails,” said Stephens.

Stephens says giving back to the community is important to her, therefore once she heard of the opportunity to help girls who were victims of sex trafficking, abuse, or homelessness, she says she had to step in.

“I never wanted anyone to feel excluded from feeling beautiful,” said Stephens.

Stephens says the girls were overwhelmed at first, but once they received the pampering and love they deserved, the girls blossomed.

“For them to get this opportunity, you could tell from them it was huge, it’s huge for everyone, we are breaking down barriers,” said Stephens.

“We are trying to give them a consistent, stable vision of what life could be like in the future,” said Levi Wilson.

Levi Wilson works for Building Bridges Hand in Hand, the organization behind the event today.

Wilson says this is the third time they have been able to provide a night on the town for abuse victims.

“They will get an escort and flowers when they show up for dinner, they will be seated at a table, it’s just a nice fancy dinner for them,” said Wilson.

Both Wilson and Stephens say they hope next year they can do a similar event for boys as well.

“Maybe a cardinals game in a box suite or something that they can get that feeling as well of man comroridy ya know just being able to hang out and enjoy a normal life for once,” said Wilson.

“We have got barbers on staff as well so we can come in and do the works and I think that would be super fun and allow more people to heal from the hurts in their lives,” said Stephens.

No pictures or video of the girl’s faces were captured due to safety reasons.

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