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WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump has picked Courtney Litvak, a human trafficking survivor, to serve on a federal panel advising the administration on anti-trafficking policies.

Litvak was a junior in a Katy high school when she met the people who groomed her for sex trafficking. The Houston Chronicle wrote about her story earlier this year. She and her mother, Kelly Litvak, now run a nonprofit, ChildProof America, aimed at helping people like her, and Courtney has become a vocal anti-trafficking advocate, drawing the attention of U.S. Rep. Michael McCaul, a Houston-area Republican, and Ivanka Trump, the president’s daughter and adviser.

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Litvak will serve two years on the United States Advisory Council on Human Trafficking.

“As a human trafficking survivor, I understand all too well the unimaginable perils faced by both victims and survivors,” Litvak said in a statement. “And while progress for stronger anti-human tracking laws and regulations has been made, the fight against human trafficking remains severely outmatched.”

In Texas alone, there were more than 300,000 victims of human trafficking in 2016 — that number includes both sex trafficking and labor trafficking— a University of Texas at Austin study estimated at the time.

The same study found there were almost 79,000 youth victims of sex trafficking in the state, costing more than $6 billion a year in law enforcement, criminal prosecutions, social services, and caring for them.


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