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Apparel magnate Peter Nygård has been hit with another lawsuit by two of his biological sons, who allege that they were “statutorily raped” as teenagers by his “girlfriend, a known sex worker.”

The unidentified sons filed a civil lawsuit Sunday in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York. In addition to claims of sex-trafficking his sons, the filing alleges that Peter Nygård lied about the abuse and “attempted to intimidate his sons into silence.”

A spokesman for Peter Nygård “vehemently” denied the claims Monday.

The incidents were alleged to have occurred in 2004 and in 2018 and involved the same paid sex worker. The lawsuit also cites Nygård Inc., Nygård International Partnership and Nygård Holdings Ltd., claiming they were instrumental in aiding, abetting, facilitating, conspiring and participating in the defendants’ sex trafficking. The filing also claims that the Nygård Cos. through Nygård and a “close ring of upper-level executives and employees knew Nygård was a sex predator/and or sex trafficker.”

The suit claims each son was “statutorily raped by the same girlfriend of Peter Nygård at the direct instruction of Peter Nygård.” In 2018, at the age of 14, one of the sons was claimed to have been trafficked from Nygård’s residence in California to one in Winnipeg. There, he was allegedly raped by the unidentified “Jane Roe” girlfriend, who allegedly had also raped another biological son, when he was 15 in 2004. Described as a “similar scenario,” that allegedly involved that son being trafficked from Nygård’s residence in California to his home in the Bahamas.

A spokesman for Peter Nygård said in a statement issued Monday: “The complaint filed on Sunday by two John Does is completely without merit and repeats previous inaccurate accounts purely to raise salacious material. The allegations are vehemently denied. The complaint is yet another effort filled with falsehoods in a manufactured campaign and calculated conspiracy designed to destroy Peter Nygård.”

Nygård has five children.

The filing claims that the Nygård Cos. provided money and resources to “Jane Roe,” and that allegedly enabled her to engage in unlawful sex acts. The filing alleges that Jane Roe would have been punished and would have lost pay and benefits “had she not followed Nygård’s instructions to rape his sons.”

Sunday’s filing also alleged that the ring of upper-level executives and employees “covered up his crimes for decades so that they continue to benefit financially and professionally from Nygård’s name, brand and money.”

The civil lawsuit alleges that “Jane Roe” was instructed by Nygård to “make a man” out of his teenage son in 2018. In addition, the filing claims that Nygård used company money and resources to transport his son, as well as the other one, for these alleged encounters.

An attorney at DiCello, Levittown, Gutzler, the firm representing the two sons, did not respond immediately Monday to a request seeking further comment. The sons have taken civil action seeking an undisclosed amount of damages under the U.S. federal sex trafficking statute.

Nygård has been beleaguered with legal battles and financial problems in the past year. Dozens of women have filed a complaint alleging rape and sex trafficking against Nygård. In a recent interview, the elder son of Nygård reportedly said he hopes his experience “will help other people to be able to speak the truth about what’s happened to them.”

In March of this year, nine of his companies were forced into receivership. The civil lawsuit alleges that Nygård has not divested ownership of his companies and claims he continues to work behind the scenes, despite having stepped down as chairman earlier this year. The Nygård company had 169 retail outposts and 1,450 employees at one time.

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