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March against sex trafficking

A group of Vernon residents marched through the downtown streets to raise awareness for sex trafficking victims in British Columbia and throughout the world.

Approximately 20 individuals showed up to show their support and start a conversation with downtown passersby. Horns honked and conversations were had, which is what organizer Morgan Morrone was hoping for.

“I just haven’t been seeing enough people talking about it online, and it needs to be talked about,” says Morrone. “This is a big issue right now and we can’t be silent anymore.”

Some of the signs showed statistics surrounding the sex trade industry, while others referenced ‘Pizzagate’ and the documentary ‘Out of the Shadows’.

There were a few survivors mixed in with the crowd, who were there to show their support for other victims of sex trafficking and to share their story of abuse.

“I’ve experienced many years of sexual trauma, and I was also in the sex-trade industry so I have first-hand experience on what that it is like to put value on my self-worth in terms of financial gain,” says Tracy Hamilton. “Being a survivor, I want to show others that there is hope after surviving something like that, but at the same time we have to focus on the people that aren’t here with us who don’t have a voice.”

The group began their march at the Vernon recreation centre and made their way to the Hospital Hill fountain, making stops at various intersections on Highway 97 along the way.

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