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A Yakima woman charged with prostituting her teenage daughter is set to be arraigned Thursday on related witness tampering charges.

The 42-year-old woman is charged with calling her daughter and her husband from the Yakima County jail and asking the girl to not testify and to do whatever she can to get her out of jail.

In addition to multiple charges of providing drugs to her daughter and sex trafficking, the woman is also charged with two counts each of witness tampering and violating a protective order.

The Yakima Herald-Republic is not publishing the woman’s name in order to protect the identity of her daughter, who is a sex crime victim.

Yakima County prosecutors alerted Yakima police to phone calls the woman made to her husband, who has an order barring her from having contact with him from a previous domestic violence incident. There is also an order barring her from having contact with her daughter.

The woman called her husband twice July 25, speaking 15 minutes each time, according to court documents. The Yakima County jail records all calls that are not going to an inmate’s attorney, and all parties on the call are advised that the call is being recorded.

Yakima County Superior Court Judge David Elofson ordered the woman’s phone and texting privileges revoked, except for contacting her attorney.

The woman’s 15-year-old daughter told Yakima police earlier that her mother got her addicted to pain pills, and she started having sex for money to pay for the drugs, according to court documents.

When her mother found out about the prostitution, she began working with her daughter to find men who would pay to have sex with her, drive her to appointments and collected the money to buy drugs, court documents said.

Detectives used the girl’s cellphone records to track down and arrest 10 men who were subsequently charged with having sex with her. All but one allegedly paid her for sex, according to court records.

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