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SWEETWATER COUNTY — Holy Communion Episcopal Church granted YWCA of Sweetwater County $2,000 in funding that helped provide assistance to victims of family violence in paying rent, buying food, paying for gasoline, or helping with expenses that they could not manage during the economic downturn. 

YWCA’s mission is eliminating racism and empowering women and the services offered in Sweetwater County is in attempt to address the community needs to help achieve that mission. All YWCA services are available to anyone regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, or religion. The organization provides quality childcare that is available to all families regardless of income because YWCA understands that too often women bare the cost of childcare which can limit their ability to provide for their families or advance in their careers.  

YWCA also provides financial education services to help anyone learn the value of financial planning no matter how simple because women more often buy for the household but do not always look at it as a way to plan for their future. 

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Services to victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, stalking, sex trafficking, and elder abuse are also provided. Family violence effects on average one in five women and affects far more women/girls than men/boys. 

For these reasons, YWCA continues to offer services to help victims to make choices that focus on their safety and how they can lead a life free of violence.

In March of this year, before the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic truly affected our community, YWCA had 79 calls on the crisis line. In April, the number of calls went up to 177 calls. YWCA has remained open throughout the entire pandemic, taking appropriate measures and adjusting to providing services in the safest way possible for both YWCA clients and staff.  This donation truly made an impact helping survivors of violence in a time of need.

“The Episcopal Diocese of Wyoming has been proud that, through our Foundation, we have been able to allocate one million dollars for direct COVID-19 aid throughout Wyoming, Craft said.” In identifying entities whose work has been severely impacted by the pandemic, the YWCA of Sweetwater County’s Crisis Line was a natural choice for us.”

“Not only have instances of domestic violence and sexual assault rapidly increased during these troubled times, the state budget crisis caused a reduction in available funding that effected the on-call stipend for YWCA. We are very aware of the importance of this Crisis Line in our community, and are so thankful that we can contribute to its ongoing support,” Craft said. “We have allocated $5,000 at this time, and are hopeful we may be able to provide the remaining funding necessary to keep what has become a community lifeline functioning for the upcoming year.”

“YWCA is very thankful for all of our community collaborations and partnerships, we couldn’t continue providing the essential services we do without the support we get from groups, businesses, different organizations and individuals in Sweetwater County,” Kayla Mannikko, YWCA of Sweetwater County Development Director, said.

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