Shaheen Alayattil (Neo)

Scammer’s Name: Shaheen Alayattil (Neo)

Scammer’s Profile or Account Name:

Scammer’s Country: India

Scammer’s Email:

What Website or Social Media Was The Scammer Using? : Scams from Instagram /Facebook/ was on tinder

Did You Send Money To This Scammer? :


Scammer’s Profile Text: 

This is a filed know multiple Criminal case filed in india
Multiple non baillable offenses
Marriage fraud
Money Scamming
Electronics Scamming
Making fake accounts with victims pictures etc
Harassing for marriage
Well known case and they are supposed to take down social media

Other Observations About The Scammer: 

Very well known multiple Criminal case in Kerala india. We are In process of awaiting court date. We have all evidence of our friend who was main victim who is very sick now. We also have other victims Evidence and police reports petition number etc
Once our friend is better we will make her attend the hearing but they allready called the Criminal and sections were given etc
Please contact for any reports needed evidence etc . It’s alot to attach but he should be off social media as that’s where he is scamming people and causing them to fall severely sick like our friend
Any info or anything needed from us fees please let us know
We want this guy never to hurt anyone ever again
Past Criminal history present too
Thank you so much
Sonali Singh

Scammer’s Messages or Emails: 

We have too many pages of evidence and all police reports and money he scammed plus electronics
If needed we can send it as a file
Thank you
All his details present besides public profiles
His Instagram profile is
His Facebook profile is
Under name Shaheen Alayattil