Shana Elizabeth Kelley, Topeka, Kansas


In less than 1 year of marriage, she was cheating on her husband with at least 9 different guys. Several of the guys were from a website called, some of which she had “arrangements” for $2,000 a month (copied emails, nude pics sent/recieved, and even addresses of some of the guys she met up with)

Her husband paid all bills and supported her while she supposedly was finishing up college at Emporia State. However, while he was working to pay for everything she was running around behind his back the entire time.

She has been legally kicked out of this house for several months, and yet she still refuses to sign divorce papers. She has been given almost everything she wanted, including keeping her wedding ring set that was valued at over $10,000.

Shana Elizabeth Kelley is truly the worst type of women. She is completely shallow and fake, and believes that her “charms and looks” will get her everything in life. She uses men as stepping stones to further herself, never worrying about how she treats others. Recently she got selected as a calendar girl for V100 (rock station out of KC) I would hate to guess how many of the guys there she had to sleep with to get that job.

If a guy thinks he can “change” her, I wish that guy the best luck in the world. Trust me, she will use you till nothing is left, and move on to another guy…just another of her stepping stones. Truly a dangerous decietful woman. Attractive to a point…but get past her looks and she is a cheap worthless whore.

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