First name: Shannon
Last name: Roland
Aka: unknown
Age: 28
Location(s): Accra (Ghana); Kabul (Afghanistan)
Also claims to be in: San Jose, California, USA
Address(es): unknown
Phone number(s): unknown
E-mail address(es):
Operates on site(s): Google Hangouts, Mingle 2
Scam media: unknown
Fake documents: unknown

This report deals with the scammer Family Roland, principally Shannon Roland who has an account at Mingle 2 and is very slow, careful and deliberate with her work. She is most polite and believable.
I knew that Shannon was using stolen photos before we actually started chatting at hangouts which made life much easier for me. Shannon had contacted me at mingle and suggested that we go to hangouts but she called me and her hangouts didn’t show her mail address. She was very slow in getting to words of love, very clever.
For the normal punter looking for love at sites she was so genuine, the perfect lady and no sexual chat or insinuations whatsoever.
We seem to have chatted for weeks and not once did she bore me, she is also very busy with other people on the sites as she spent very much time online talking to others.
Then Shannon made her second mistake, a very stupid one as far as I am concerned but others would fall for it.
She told me she was worried about her daddy, he was a Military man and she hadn’t heard from him for some time, he was in fact a Major General. I offered to write to him and tell him about Shannon’s worry and I and also asked him to contact her.
The mail that I sent him was opened by Shannon according to my mailtracking, real boon to scambaiters mailtrack. In fact all mails to her dad were opened by her.
The Major General wrote back and told me he was going on a very dangerous mission and didn’t expect to come out of it alive, lol. He thanked me for being his daughter’s friend and asked me to look after her. God was I having fun and keeping this one occupied.
I preempted what was going to happen next and made all sorts of plans that I knew wouldn’t suit Shannon, must have drove her crazy trying to stop my plans.
Eventually came the expected message from her that dad had been seriously wounded in action and she was on her way to Afghanistan. I told her that I would join her there and downloaded flight details which I sent to her, she crawled her way out to stop me going to her.
I then told her that I had made arrangements for her to collect an unlimited Master/Visa card at Kabul Airport, Azziz Bank, all arrangements had been made with the Bank Manager Mr Mohamed Bangura, this must have really peeved her and made her wonder how she could get hold of it, lol.
Daddy’s really badly injured but the President of Afghanistan has given him a box of gold for services rendered and would you believe she wants me to receive it as it will be smuggled out in Red Cross boxes.
A few days later I received a mail in the name of Anchorage Delivery telling me that my box was on it’s way and giving me a tracking number. The company exists but sadly the tracking number doesn’t, no box of gold for me this time I guess..
It seems that we chatted for months as you will see in the marathon hangouts but I wanted to push her to the limits, down to my level, pure filth, lol. And eventually I did, a photoshop pic of her nude and one of her peeing in the sink.
The shipping company wanted a fortune from me to ship her box and eventually I blocked her which left me sad as I really enjoyed playing with Shannon.