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Sharon Stone has found online dating “a cool learning experience”.

Sharon Stone

The 63-year-old actress turned to dating apps over lockdown and enjoyed being able to connect with guys in a new way and understand more about how they think, although the conversations didn’t lead to her finding love.

She said “[Online dating has been] a cool learning experience, during Covid, where you really know you can’t get together: it’s a freedom.

“There’s a special kind of intimacy, a nice way to talk. I learnt a little bit more about how men think, and how they really are, and how their intimate selves work.”

Asked if the conversations led to any relationships, she simply said: “No.”

But the ‘Basic Instinct’ star is hopeful she will find love again one day in the future.

She said: “I don’t know if I’m a person who’s going to get to have a relationship in my life, but I hope that I am.”

Sharon has three adopted sons, 20-year-old Roan – who she raised with ex-husband Phil Bronstein – Laird, 15, and 14-year-old Quinn and though she had always planned to take such a path to motherhood, before having her kids she “did this other thing” and tried to have her own biological children, but tragically had three miscarriages at five and a half months pregnant.

She said: “[The last one was] a multiple pregnancy. They thought I had five multiple pregnancies, and I kept losing them. One after the next after the next, heartbeat would go. And the final baby died, and I could feel it and I knew it.”

On her way home from hospital after the final miscarriage, the ‘Ratched’ star received a life-changing phone call.

She recalled to The Times magazine: “I got a call from the adoption attorney that he had a baby that turned out to be my son, Roan. ‘There’s a baby and he’s due in six weeks and do you want him?’ “

Sadly, the actress lost prime custody of Roan to Phil when he was three after she had a stroke, but she has since reconciled with her eldest child and he lives with her again, though she admitted it’s taken a lot of work to rebuild their relationship.

She said: “It’s been hard for both of us… We’ve done a lot of re-parenting exercises, therapy. We’ve done a lot of the work that we needed to do. I love him so much.”

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