She was left feeling tinder after this gym workout | #tinder | #pof

WITH COVID-19 restrictions loosening up, lass decided she needed to get her fitness level back up to what it used to be and so signed up to a gym.

She was offered a free personal trainer (PT) session and was quick to jump at the chance.

“So I booked it in and the lady at reception said ‘do you mind who you go with?’,” she told Whispers.

“And me being me said ‘nope, don’t care too much’.

When she turned up to this PT session, it happened to be with someone she had matched with on the dating app Tinder a few months prior, who she had eventually “ghosted”.

“So, to say that PT session was awkward is an understatement.”


MIDDLE Ridge chap hit 56 this year and received the government sponsored bowel cancer testing kit.

However, woman of the house refused to let him put his sample in the fridge.

Under protest, he put it in his beer fridge outside.

At least it stopped his mates from drinking his beer.


SIMILARLY a few years back a now retired wine merchant in Toowoomba had left his sample in a brown paper bag in the fridge.

The next morning, he grabbed the brown paper bag and dropped it at the pathology lab.

Later, when preparing dinner, he realised he’d grabbed the wrong paper bag and wondered what the Pathology testers thought when they opened a bag of mushrooms.

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