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In a shocking twist, Farmer Wants A Wife bachelor Rob Campbell told his entire group of girls to “head home”.

The 40-year-old father of two made the tough decision to clear his slate of matches during tonight’s episode of the Seven dating show, saying he had failed to have a “lightning bolt connection” with any of them.

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After being the only farmer to send two girls home in one night last week, Campbell was left with just three women from the five he invited back to the farm – Meg, Kate and Luce.

But after taking each woman out for a one on one date, Campbell retreated to consider his feelings – ultimately deciding to end his quest for love with this group.

“This morning a lot of thoughts were running through my head, thinking about the girls and whether there is potential for a future with any of them,” Campbell forewarned.

“Unfortunately, you just can’t manufacture love and if there is not that spark there is nothing to build on.”

Camera IconIt was a tough decision for the Snowy Mountains local.

Calling the three ladies into his kitchen, Campbell said that while it had been an “amazing ride” he just saw each of them as “great friends”.

Rob asked to meet the three women in the kitchen to break the news.
Camera IconRob asked to meet the three women in the kitchen to break the news.

“I don’t know if there’s…… if I am feeling that lightning bolt connection with any of you, because I do respect you so much I don’t want to have you hanging around and you all have lives to get back to, children, jobs,” he said.

“It’s a very hard decision to make but I think it is probably best if you head home.”

While Meg was less than impressed with Campbell’s decision, after initially hitting it off with the humble farmer during the speed dating rounds at the start of the show, Luce felt it was a premature move.

The news came as a shock.
Camera IconThe news came as a shock.

“If only we had that chance to build a connection he would see how much we’ve actually got in common, I don’t know if he got to see who I really am,” she shared.

But Campbell promised he had not given up on love – potentially hinting that this would not be the end of his Farmer Wants A Wife journey.

“Life goes on and I’ll keep looking for love, it didn’t happen with those five ladies but it’s just a matter of being positive and putting yourself out there,” he said.


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