25 thoughts on “Should We Believe Manti Te’o?

  1. rodeopac

    He just lied to “Sports Illustrated” Notre Dame, ESPN, his coaches, his father, his teammates the fawning public….he’s just a kid…WTF how does this “kid” continue to spin the story as if he was a victim when he flat out fucking lied to everybody for so long? This kid and his family crave attention and they are all full of shit! Call it what you want embellishing, tailoring, misleading guess what? it all starts with and ends with? he fucking LIED…open your eyes! He was complicit so was ND!

  2. Whisperinloudness

    But people eventually meet or the illusion is broken. If he had never met her before but was supposedly in a, what he thought, was a serious relationship and in love with her, one would think a car accident, being diagnosed with leukemia and dying, would? make him come out and try to actually establish a physical connection. He was just gonna live the rest of his thinking this person existed and died and not even try to find out who she really was, meet her family, visit her grave?!

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  4. flirtwd

    His name should be HOG TIE A MAN SO I CAN EAT HIS A HOLE! He is a 6 foot 2 inch homo. God help us if he is in an opposing NFL team and sacks Tim Tebow. The two of them would have to get a room. Fuck it! They’d probably screw each other right there on the fucking end? zone.
    Ew! I can’t believe I went there!

  5. jdothawk02

    I think skip? made more sense this round. Skip had more evidence Stephen A Smith is just going off his gut feeling. That won’t stand in the court of law. lol

  6. jason bravo

    because the girlfriend dying is like a cinderella motivational story that got him more attention from fans? which plays into draft poition

  7. lookinforsexymen2008

    i was just being funny, chill. he’ll play football somewhere, he has too much talent to pass up. but i’ll get serious for a second, i think that? the heisman selection committee and the fans who vote put too much emphasis on what the candidates and finalists do off the field rather than on the field. god bless him and rest in peace to his late grandmother, but if this story had never made it to the mainstream sports media, he wouldnt of never been a heisman finalist.

  8. Real Super Sand Virgina

    So this man makes up a fake gf and Crabtree rapes someone and no one says? ANYTHING!

  9. Real Super Sand Virgina

    So are you saying Micheal Crabtree should be thrown off?
    And Ben Rothlisberger? I mean they raped women! So what! I mean making up a girlfriend WWOOOOAAAHHH thats? just rough!

  10. lookinforsexymen2008

    i hope manti te’o falls so far off the draft board that not even the arena? football league or the canadian football league would want to sign him, lol, lmao!!!! this has got to be the greatest travesty in sports since the signing of tony homo, i mean tony romo, and the many intercerptions he throws each game, lol, lmao!!!!

  11. Blak Maled

    Don’t usually agree with Stephen A, or skip for that matter, but I agree with Stephen A on this one –3 years: no visits, no Skype, no visits? to hospital, no attending funeral, no visiting grave site??????

  12. Ataensic

    He’s either a liar, or mentally/emotionally retarded.

    I love how they bring up religion, like people? of faith are ‘honest’. LOL. He believes in god = he’s a lying, narcissistic fuckface. End of.

  13. Lionelmessi10fc

    leave the guy alone it’s his life worry about yours!!!?

  14. Albert Westinghouse

    LMBO Stephen A. Smith strikes? again. OMG

  15. strangestringsnyc

    This is the realest thing anyone on TV has said about this case so far. Thank you Stephen A.?

  16. Devils Cuz

    Skip, you are probably the? dumbest and most gullible sports analyst ever. Complete moron.

  17. Joseph Fotu

    The fact is that Its Notre Dames Football team going 12-0 and making it to the National Championship is what brought Manti notoriety. It was his football talent, leadership, and Notre Dames Defense being a top the countries best Defenses which brought him attention. He didn’t need to make this up to get? more attention. If Notre Dame goes 7-5 and doesn’t make a Bowl game, it doesn’t matter what kind of story anyone makes, they wouldn’t get noticed. Notre Dame winning brought him attention!!!

  18. merichelswan

    I’m with Stephen A.; I don’t really believe it. But my question is: why would Te’o want this kind of publicity for himself? He’s a good player; shouldn’t that be enough? Moreover, who? really cares? He has a fake girlfriend and gets exposed… and I don’t really care. But @GonzoBeCrazyYo is right; that interview would have been hilarious.

  19. 4starKT

    been there myself i was? fooled by someone ,i consider myself internet street smart but you can get rope in easy

  20. 4starKT

    it’s easy to fool someone …..there’s million of people being played on the internet ,don’t? forget billions of people believe in some sort of god even if there’s no proof god exist

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