Showing of ‘8 Days’ film set to bring #sex #trafficking awareness to our community


MADISON, Ala. — The topic of human trafficking is unsettling but important.

Human trafficking doesn’t only happen in big cities and international countries– it happens right here in north Alabama, too.

Human trafficking is the second-largest and fastest-growing criminal enterprise in the world. It is a problem anywhere there are people.

The North Alabama Human Trafficking Task Force is a volunteer organization that brings awareness to human trafficking to help people keep themselves safe, as well as recognize the signs that others may be held against their will.

The task force is showing the film “8 Days” during an awareness event on Tuesday, July 24, at 7 p.m. at Good Shepherd United Methodist Church in Madison.  The film was made in close cooperation with the Department of Homeland Security, and depicts a 16-year-old girl’s abduction into and escape from sex trafficking.

Awareness events like this are a big part of the effort to bring sex trafficking awareness to our community, because it sadly happens here, too.

The film is not explicit, but it is unsettling, and is recommended for middle-school aged children and up and it is free to attend.

There will be a question and answer session held after the film.