Shree Kattel Manassas Va


Shree kattel, oh boy, what a scum bag., coward, low life. I have never seen a more discusting excuse for a man in my entire life. He steals from every store he goes into. I have seen him do it and had to stop him. He is abusive to women, I have been abused by him verbally many times, he went through my underwear drawer when I first moved in with my husband after we married. DISCUSTING !!!!!!! I through out allllll my undies and had to buy new ones. I cant believe to this day that discusting man violated me in this manner.

He has used me and his family for his own gain ; he cares for NO ONE BUT HIMSELF !!! The worst narcissist i have ever come across.

He is sooo disrespecting to women its discusting.

He lied and defrauded me and the American governent for a green card. He made up a story with the original attorney (in colorado) to state that the maoist were abusive to him and his wife. They have never been around a maoist much less been abused by one . Give me a break. His brother in law is the top man in police in Nepal, the maoist would never harm them . again gimmie a break.

He was caught on the witness stand during his hearing at removal proceedings. The judge did not deport him, Im discusted that I am related to this man and this family.

He has raped the entire family all their lives and would he could not treat me with the same disrespect and loathsome manners he worked with his daughter to vacate me from the family. All the while, it was their master plan I discovered. I married his son and they used me for green cards. This is marriage fraud. His son also cheated on me with Marcy Lynn Walker of West Friendship Maryland.

These people should be deported and sent back to Nepal. They should not be allowed to stay in this county.

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