Shreya Kattel Adhikari Manassas va and San Diego Calif


Shreya Kattel Adhikari is my husband (sulav kattel’s ) sister. She lied to her husband, she has been married before trying to use a man to get a green card by marriage fraud. He left her and did not help her. She married her husband by coersing him because she got pregnant on purpose. She needed him to get her a green card.

She ultimatley had two children to have “anchor babies” to stay in this country.

She lied to me constantly acting like she wanted to be friendly , sort of, but she was only in contact with me when she wanted something and would thank me for helping her family get their green cards. She would omit information that I needed in order to make decissions. They all spoke in Nepali language around me so I would not have a clue what they were talking about. She spoke ill of me to friends and family and blamed me for thier own stupidity. She constantly interfered in my marriage and would manipulate and tell my husband and others bad things to cause friction between us.

She is also very pregudice. She thinks she is a queen when she is simply a filthy whore just like her father, mother and brother.

She is narcissist just like her father , brother and mother. She cares for no one but herself. She is a low life scum who needs to be deported back to Nepal and left their.

This girl wouldnt know the truth if it bit her nose off and she couldn’t tell the truth if her life depended on it. Send her ass home to Nepal

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