Sick thug jailed for battering girlfriend he met on dating app Bumble was STILL using the app during his trial


A MONSTER who has been jailed for battering his girlfriend was brazenly using the dating app he met her on to prowl for new women as he stood trial.

Jason Reid, 39, was last week sentenced to six months in prison for two horrific attacks on his 38-year-old girlfriend, who he met on the Bumble app.

The engineer, who describes himself as a musician and music producer on dating sites to impress unsuspecting women, was put behind bars by magistrates who described the domestic abuse case as “the worst they have ever seen”.

Stratford Magistrates Court heard Reid beat his girlfriend up and smashed her phone and house to pieces after flying into a rage on two occasions.

The terrified woman was “covered head-to-toe in bruises” after Reid lashed out when she laughed at a pink blanket he brought to her house on the weekend he was due to move in on March 9 this year.

Reid demanded the woman apologise and began punching and kicking her, before throwing her to the ground and landing a heavy box of books on top of her.

She screamed: “You’re going to kill me” – but Reid continued by kicking her in the throat and bragging: “I know how to do this without leaving a mark.”



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