Five signs your dating game needs an upgrade

With the new digital era of dating in full swing, it can be tough to navigate uncharted territory on the journey to finding life-long love, or just a date for Friday night, if we’re being real here. And here are a few signs to know it is time to evolve your dating game:

Your expectations are too high or you have no expectations

No one’s perfect — just ask your beerbelly that’s a little more visible with each year. On the other hand, if you don’t have any idea of what you want, your game will never be on-point because it’s never targeted. The fix? Be transparent — with her and with yourself.

You completely rely on online dating for all of your interactions If you’re in a crowded bar on a Friday night, surrounded by ladies that are just as pretty as the one matching in your Tinder queue, here’s your reality check: look up. Get off your phone and get into the scene.
You hit on women the same way and expect different results With so many opportunities to hide behind the computer screen or to go from date to date to date, many men aren’t spending the time to really work on their social skills — a set of qualities that is important both when you’re finding a partner and when you’re at the office.
You never ask questions on dates When you’re fostering a new relationship — or even chatting up a woman — questions are your key to figuring out if there’s a match. Find out some things about them. And don’t start off talking all about their physical appearance.
You don’t share enough Now there’s no need to get super deep on a first date, but share something, even if it’s just how close you were to your grandfather as a kid. It’s far too easy in the dating game to keep everything surface level. What will really take you from just another guy to a great one is being honest about what really means a lot to you.

Source: The Economic Times

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