Signs most likely to be CHEATERS… and why love rat Dominic West’s kiss with Lily James was written in the stars | #tinder | #pof

IS there something in the water this year, or is it just the 2020 pressure cooker effect?

Relationships are succumbing to cheating scandals left, right and centre.


It was recently announced that co-stars Dominic West and Lily James shared a kiss, but since Dominic is a Libra and Lily is an Aries it was written in the starsCredit: Getty Images – Getty

Be it a heated, work-related snog (Dominic West and Lily James), a long-standing entanglement (Jada Pinkett Smith and August Alsina) or a high-profile, televised fall-out (Sam Thompson and Zara McDermott).

Here, we group the twelve signs of the zodiac by their likelihood to be cheaters (are you a ‘just can’t help it’ or a ‘just can’t do it’) and take a look at what might yet unfold in the high-profile dramas we’ve seen this year.

Just Can’t Help It: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, Cancer, Gemini, Libra

So, EVERYONE is capable of cheating on their partner, and no sign escapes unscathed.


According to the stars, Librans love to be in love, are experts at flirting are the classic heartbreakersCredit: Getty – Contributor

However, these characters have got a higher propensity to stray, for tangible reasons.

Aries, Leo and Sagittarius are all Fire signs, which means they are ruled, first and foremost, by their passions.

They are lusty, spontaneous, dramatic, flirtatious, and attractive.

Their sexual energy puts them in the danger zone for affairs, and their leaning towards living in the moment and following their heart (or other bits of their anatomy) makes them vulnerable to making bad choices.

Cancer is a sucker for love, and needs huge amounts of loyalty and affection in relationships.

If it’s not forthcoming at home, but is being served up elsewhere, then they are 100% tempted to head where their needs are being better met.

They just need love. They are also SUPER-secretive.

Gemini is an out-and-out rascal. Geminis love shiny new things, and hate to be tied down to any kind of routine or humdrum-ness, and that includes relationships.

Geminis do it because they can, and because they believe if they can get away with it, then they should. YOLO.

Libra is ruled by Venus, the goddess of love, and is the zodiac’s ~people pleaser~, AKA the f***boy of the cosmos.


Zara McDermott is a Gemini, the sign that cheats just because they canCredit: Instagram

Librans love to be in love, are experts at flirting, enjoy all manner of sexual foreplay, and are programmed to focus on the thrill of the chase, more than the long-term commitment part.

A classic heartbreaker.

Just Can’t Do It: Aquarius, Pisces, Scorpio, Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo

Now just because these guys fall into this category does not exempt them from cheating full-stop.

However, it’s not as strongly hardwired into their astrological character.
Aquarius is the most honest and forthright sign of the zodiac, and also loves their own space.

It is actually quite rare to find them in a relationship at all, because they prefer their freedom and independence.

If they DID want to stray, however, they’re more likely to just brutally end things and go off and do their thing.


Jada Pinkett Smith and August Alsina re both Virgos, unlikely to stray – despite the news of their ‘entanglment’Credit: Getty Images – Getty

Pisces and Scorpio are both Water signs- emotional, romantic, intuitive, compassionate and knowing.

They prioritise intense and intimate relationships above all else in their life, and find the theme or idea of betrayal disturbing, because it’s such a violation of.

They are also both slightly paranoid, and very good at sniffing out secrets, so they can smell cheating a mile away.

Also of note: Scorpio is the most vengeful sign of the zodiac too, so if you DO cheat, god help you.

The Earth signs (Capricorn, Virgo and Taurus) are also not hardwired to stray.


Virgos are normally prioritise a happy, stable, safe and comfortable home life above any outside fun and gamesCredit: AFP or licensors

All three prioritise a happy, stable, safe and comfortable home life above any outside fun and games.

They may play the field when they’re single, and they may be tempted like everyone else, but the home fires just burn too brightly for this elemental group.

If they DO stray, it’s likely to be accompanied by soul-destroying guilt and shame.

Celebrity Analysis: Dominic West / Lily James / Catherine Fitzgerald

Dominic is a Libra and Lily is an Aries (a Fire sign, so also in the danger zone for liaisons).

Together, Aries and Libra are opposite signs which means they do possess a magnetic attraction for each other.


Dominic has been married to Catherine Fitzgerald sice 2010Credit: Refer to Photographer

It may’ve felt irresistible. The cosmos would’ve put money on this one
turning into something sexual.

Jada Pinkett Smith / August Alsina / Will Smith

Jada and August are the same sign: Virgo.

Definitely not one of the ‘just can’t help it’ brigade, although their ‘entanglement’ does seem to have been long-lasting, and even almost official in some respects, in that Will did know.

Virgos do like to do things properly, and be organised and practical
about their lives, and this arrangement feels like that.


Jada s married to Will Smith who supposedly new about Jada’s actions, and is a Libra himselfCredit: Getty Images – Getty

Will is a Libra, one of the zodiac’s f***boys.

One does wonder how many of his own entanglements he may’ve had, before Jada (the dutiful Virgo) felt that her behaviour was justified
and okay.

Maybe we’ll never know. But they do.

Zara McDermott / Brahim Fouradi / Sam Thompson

Zara (a cavorting Gemini, the sign that cheats just because they can, YOLO) may’ve found herself in a most interesting love triangle, between fellow Scorpios Brahim and Sam.


Zara McDermott found herself in a love triangle with her boyfriend Sam Thompson and Brahim Fouradi

Geminis and Scorpios both share a mile-wide naughty streak, and enjoy plotting all kinds of devilish fun and thinking they’re the cleverest people in the room.

However, what trickster, playful Geminis can forget, in the heat of the moment, is that Scorpios are NOT to be trifled with.

They are the most unforgiving and vengeful sign.

Zara’s betrayal of Sam, and exposure of behind-the-scenes Brahim, may’ve cost her both men forever. Live and learn.


Brahim is a Scorpian, like Sam, who are are emotional, romantic, intuitive, compassionate and knowing

Dates To Watch Out For

Great news! Mercury turns direct turn on the 3rd November, which ends a retrograde cycle that began on October 14th.

So, NOW you can communicate without encountering crossed wires and
mixed signals. Instigate the conversations you need to have with your partner AFTER the 3rd .

It’s safe to go back into the water!

Mars also turns direct on November 13th, ending a retrograde cycle that began on September 9th (and which has robbed a lot of us of our mojo and zest for life).

After the 13th, we will feel more optimistic, energetic and enthusiastic again. It’s time to reactivate your shared projects and goals.


Lily is an Aries and is ruled by her passionsCredit: Getty Images

Get busy together.

The New Moon on the 15th occurs in the sign of Scorpio, the sign of secrets.

It’s a good time for revealing things we may have swept under the carpet in 2020.

Share your feelings, but, more importantly, listen to theirs with calmness and compassion.

Aim to reach a new and deeper level of intimacy.

Changes can come from this which can heal and transform your relationship for the better long term.

Plus the top five reasons women cheat has been revealed – and they’ll start to stray three years after getting married.

And a man fired for calling his Tinder date a ‘disgusting fat pig’ when she refused to sleep with him says he was ‘acting out’.

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