Single Guy Uploads Cheesy Business Deck To Tinder Bio, Gets 10 Times More Matches


Standing out from the crowd on dating sites can be tough. But not when you make a mean business deck.

One guy who knows just how useful a handful of slides can be is Niket Biswas from New York.

Rather than crafting a fairly generic Tinder bio, he created a business-style presentation about his ‘key attributes’ and ‘struggles’, even adding testimonials from ex-girlfriends.

Biswas, a software engineering manager at Facebook, shared photos of his new Tinder dating profile strategy on social media, where they’ve gone down a storm.

The first section of his presentation focuses on reasons why a prospective partner should swipe right, such as his “complex layering of wardrobe and character” or exceptionally cheesy LinkedIn headshot.

He also “consistently has chocolate on hand” and will apparently “do wonders for your IG [Instagram] game”.

The next slide looks at his ‘trajectory of growth’ over the years, taking into account key factors such as hand-eye coordination, meal prep abilities, cuteness, contribution to society and lovability – complete with childhood photos to show just how far he’s come.

He also took the opportunity to highlight potential flaws, namely that he’s an only child, fervent carnivore, Tequila enabler and not a morning person.

His last slide features a list of testimonials from exes, friends, neighbours and family members. Our favourite has to be from his mum, though: “You won’t get a nice girl with a haircut like that.”

Biswas spent two hours crafting the presentation, using Keynote. He then uploaded it to Tinder and claims the new and improved look has helped him get 10 times more matches than usual.

He told Mashable: “I’ve been on and off online dating for the last seven years and I figured throwing up some new pics was worth a shot and, worst case scenario, [would] send a couple smirks to strangers.

“Lots of people don’t even read the text or swipe to a second picture unless you catch their attention, which I guess is what I was going for.”