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The pandemic has changed our day-to-day existence in a myriad of ways, including dating and the way we meet new people. With so many of us staying at home, browsing dating apps became a way to socialize and many Indians took advantage of it.

According to a recent Tinder report that studied data from March to May 2020, single Indians exchanged more messages and swiped right more during the lockdown than at the beginning in early March.

May 3rd was the peak for Tinder users in India. Tinder members sent on average 60 per cent more messages on May 3rd than during the start of the lockdown. Globally, April 5th was regarded as the peak with Tinder members sending an average of 52 per cent more messages. This chattiness was also visible in swipe in volume which was up by 32 per cent during its peak.

If you’ve been taking advantage of the lockdown to find a potential partner, here are a few tips to help you navigate dating during a pandemic:

1. Use masks (and other safety guidelines) as an ice-breaker
In April, face masks were the talk of Tinder with members flaunting their own mask-wearing habits. Messages like “Show me your mask and I’ll show you mine” or “If you don’t wear a mask while grocery shopping, we’re not compatible” showed up in bios to help users find like-minded people.

2. Share a glimpse of your new normal
Tinder recently released Prompts, a new in-app feature that lets members respond to questions or finish a sentence to display on their profile. Of all available Prompts, ‘2020 made me realize’ was the most popular, signaling how much users want to know about how others are dealing with the pandemic. This was also a good way for users to gauge compatibility with potential matches.

3. Try long-distance dating
Social distancing doesn’t mean you can’t get creative with your dates. Instead of texting back and forth or the occasional video call, you could switch things up by taking a page out of a long-distance relationship. Experiment with different online dating ideas like watching a movie together remotely, having a cook-off, playing video games together or even traditional board games via a Zoom call.

Love Is Love: Dutee Chand Isn’t Alone; Other Sports Stars Who Came Out Of The Closet

?Leaving The Closet Behind

By Anika Ghei

The road to acceptance for the LGBTQ+ community has not been one of ease, yet gradual but significant strides are being made towards becoming a more inclusive society. An increasing number of people are now sharing their ‘coming out’ stories, and are often met with heartwarming reactions.

This trend also prevails in India, wherein recently, Dutee Chand, a professional sprinter came out about her same-sex relationship. Being India’s first openly gay athlete, she regarded the ruling on section 377 as an impetus for her to take her relationship forward ;thereby, becoming an icon for India’s LGBT+ population.

The current national champion in the women’s 100 metres event, Chand remains firm in her resolve to fight for the right to marry the love of her life, and hopes to exact change in a society that is still rife with stigma.

However, Dutee’s story isn’t isolated in its occurrence. The world of sports has seen several athletes who have become an inspiration by publicly reclaiming their sexual identities.

In Pic: (clockwise from left) Dutee Chand, Billie Jean King (Instagram), Justin Fashanu (twitter/albionroar).

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