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Who says that a single parent cannot go out on his or her own and have a good time once in a while?  Whoever says that is dead wrong!  Not only are single parents allowed to have time to themselves sometimes (for going out with friends, having a night alone, etc), single parents should make sure to take time for themselves once in a while. 

Most single parents, especially those newly single, think that taking time for themselves is selfish and that, instead, they should revolve their entire lives around their children.  The truth is that kids need well rounded parents who also have their own lives-it is those “outside” lives that your kids will look to for examples of how to act when they are adults.  So-it is absolutely, 100% okay to date as a single parent.  Here are some single parent dating tips to help you get started.

Honesty is the Best Policy

When single parenting is new, your kids might feel nervous or even resentful of the time you spend away from them.  Be honest with them and tell your kids that while they are your very top priority, you also need some time to yourself so that you can continue being a good Mom or Dad.  Make sure that they know that they are first on your list and that their needs come first.  It is also a good idea to spell out that you are not trying to replace their other parent.  A lot of kids get scared at the idea of having a potential step parent around, so make sure that your kids understand that such a scenario is a long way off and that you will make sure that their relationship with their other parent does not get compromised.

Honesty is Good For Dates Too

More single parent dating tips is never let your date assume that you do not have kids.  Sadly, being a single parent is no longer rare in our society but some might feel blindsided if, after dating a while, you suddenly tell them that you have kids.  You don’t have to get your kids and your date together right away (in fact, sometimes that is a down right bad idea), but be honest.  Tell your date that you are a Mom or a Dad and leave it at that.  You can tell your date more about your kids as you get to know each other. 

Do Not Rush Things

There is no reason to invite a first date to a day with your kids.  In fact, it is a good idea to keep them separate until you and your date know how you feel about each other.  If you think that you could get serious with the person then, by all means, introduce him/her to your kids.  But do not force relationships until you are certain that those relationships will last for a while!

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