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THE jobs which are most (and least) mattractive to online daters have been revealed.

With that in mind, StandOut CV sought to find out which jobs are most and least attractive.

To do this, Standout CV created two Tinder profiles – one for a male and one for a female, both in their late 20s.

Each account’s bio and profile picture were the same throughout the experiment, apart from one thing: their job title.

The aim was to see whether the number of right swipes would change based solely on a person’s career.

Which jobs do we find most attractive?

Standout CV’s research found that web designers are the most sought after on dating apps, getting the most “right swipes” of all jobs listed and an attraction score of 82%.

Not only is this career becoming increasingly popular in recent years, it also seems to be increasing in appeal to males and females when dating too.

The second most attractive job is being a vet, with 79% of people swiped right for profiles featuring this job title.

With veterinarians known to have a big heart and caring soul, it’s unsurprising that this role ranks so highly on the list.

In third place are architects and doctors, two occupations sure to get hearts racing, with 77% of Tinder users swiping right for these roles. Marketers and lawyers land in fourth and fifth place respectively, with our experiment revealing each occupation has an attraction rate of more than 70%.

Which jobs do we find least attractive?

The research can reveal that being a politician is the least attractive career choice, with just 15% of people swiping right for Tinder accounts with this job listed in the bio. This was followed by online influencers, reaching an attraction score of just 22% in our experiment.

Closely following online influencers are bus drivers, who came third on the list, with only 23% of people finding males or females with this role “attractive”.

At the bottom end of the scale were waiters and models with less than 30% of people swiping right.

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