Singles Sunday is the Black Friday of online #dating: experts say biggest day to look for #love


New Year’s is known for prompting resolutions about eating healthier, exercising and losing weight, but what’s the underlying motivation? It might be all about love.

The first Sunday after New Year’s is the biggest online-dating day of the year, according to numerous experts in the world of pairing up. Coaches and matchmaking services also do a brisk business, said Tinder, Match and others report double-digit spikes in traffic on the Sunday after New Year’s, which this year coincides with Epiphany, or Little Christmas, Jan. 6.

For their part, daters are 17% more likely to get a match and 16% more likely to actually chat with that match on Singles Sunday, also known as Dating Sunday, reported CNET.

Why would this day in particular spark such a search for new love? A combination, perhaps, of potentially lonely holidays, peer and family pressure, and wanting to be paired up for Valentine’s Day.

“You have people recovering from a breakup or who were down during the holidays, you have all those New Year’s resolutions, and you have the clock ticking down to Valentine’s Day,” author and cyber dating expert Julie Spira told USA Today. “It’s the first lonely holiday after the New Year.” had its own theory, which a spokesperson imparted to CNET: “The holidays inspire singles to reboot their dating life after navigating questions from friends and family about their relationship status and reflecting on their own personal goals.”